Professional FPV cine drone pilot.
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Thanks to special techniques it is from now on possible to make creative smooth moving content through space. As a licensed professional drone and camera operator (Belgium based) I specialized myself into this technique for over 3 years (14 years in film, 5 years in aerials) now and it is my ambition to make images that are truly impressive.

I truly believe adding FPV shots to some of your projects can push new commercials, movies, opening sequences, music video’s, corporate projects to a next level. Next to the classic cinewhoop + gopro combo’s, we have cinelifters (with the FX3) in our assortiment to answer the high demands of tv or cine productions.

And yes, we do accept DJI Inspire 2 X7 projects.

Follow us on Instagram and if you have a project in mind upon which we maybe can work together, mail me through: